The works below are for sale in consultation with the prospective buyer

[Portrait of Steve Jobs] 76.2x60.9cm. Oil on canvas, 2011

(Portrait of Sculptor Mr.Park Chansoo),15P,65.2 x 50.0cm, Oil on canvas,2008

[Penence,Sakyamuni Emerging from the Mountains] 10P Oil on canvas, 2006

[Portrait of Guss Hiddink].Oil on Canvas, 41× 53cm..2003

[Winter Sonata, Portrait Of Actor Bae,Yongjoon] Oil on canvas, 20P 72.7x53.0cm 2005

Portrait of President USA, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Oil on canvas, 2012

<Portrait of Cardinal Jeong, Jin Seok> 72.7x60.6cm Oil on canvas, 2011.

[Portrait Of Stephen Cardinal Kim Soo-hwan] 72.7x60.6cm, Oil on canvas, 2008

 <Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI> 10P, 53.0x41.0cm, oil on canvas, 2006

[Portrait Of Conductor, Jung,Myong-hoon on] Oil 20P 72.7x53.0cm 2005

< Portrait Of Buddhist monks Park, Samjoong, >2011, 65.2 x 50.0cm, Oil on canvas, 2011

[Portrait Of Buddhist Priest, Park,Samjoong] Oil 20P 72.7x53.0cm 2004

Woman Portrait With Muffler 20P 72.7x53.0cm oil on canvas 2008

[Nude] 53.0x72.7cm, oil on canvas, 2006

[Portrait Of Dr.Park, Byeong Sun] 72.7x53.0cm, Oil on canvas, 2010

Portrait Of Patriotic Martyr An, Jung-gun >, 65.2 x 50.0cm, Oil on canvas, 2008

[Portrait of Actor Nicolas Cage] Oil on canvas,53x 41cm,2002 

The works below are from a private collection

<Portrait Of Thomas Edison> 65.2x50.0cm, oil on canvas, 2012 Collection of Kepco Museum 

Portrait of Choi Myung-ho 10F Oil on canvas 2014 Private collection

[Portrait Of St. Im,Chibaek] 75x90cm, Oil on canvas, 2010 Collection of Ojeon-dong Cathedral

[Portrait Of St. Andrew Kim Taegon] 75x90cm,Oil on canvas,2010 Collection of Ojeon-dong Cathedral

[Portrait of St. Kweon, Deuk-In Petro], 72.7x60,6cm 20F, Oil on canvas, 2019 

Director of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea

[Portrait of St. Jeon, Jang-woon] Oil on penel. 72,7x60,6cm, 2018

Director of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea

[Apostles Peter and John running to the tomb at the dawn of Easter]] oil on penel, 80x120cm 2019  

Collection of  Cathedral church

[Portrait of St. Kim, Dae-gon Andrea], Oil on canvas, 72.7x53.0cm, 2020 

Collection of MaeGio Dong Cathedral

[Portrait of Artist Kiho Park],Oil on canvs,41x53cm,2003 Private collection

[Cho, Yeung Kyu, Self Portrait] Oil on Canvas, 53.0x72.7cm, 2008 Private collection

[Portrait of Mr. Park,Chansoo] 10F oil on canvas 2005 Private collection

Director of the Mok-A Buddhist Museum (wooden sculpture of a national important intangible cultural asset)

Portrait of Priest Cheun, Hap-soo Oil on canvas, 45.5x38cm 2020 Private collection

[Portait of Priest Park, Keun-Soon ] Oil on canvas, 38.0x 45.5cm,2009 Private collection

[Portrait With Green Shawl] 20P 72.7x53.0cm Private collection

[Portrait with Violet Chigiri] Oil 53.0x41.0cm 2005 Private collection

[Portrait Of Yellow Chogori] Oil 53.0x41.0cm 2004 Private collection

[Portrait of Yeojin] 20P oil on canvas 2005 Private collection

[Portrait of Jeongmin Hwang, KBS Anauncer], Oil on canvas, 72.7 x 53cm, 2003 Private collection

[Portrait Of Portrait of Kim,Eoun-ho] 72.7x60.6cm, Oil on canvas, 2008 Private collection

[Portrait Of Mr.Kim,Chandoo] Oil 15P 65.2x50.0cm 2005 Private collection

Portrait Of Mr. Yeongsihk Jang (Former President of KEPCO) Oil , 10F (53x45.5cm) Private collection

[Portrait of CEO, Mr.Ham,Yoonsang]oil on canvas 10P 2005 Private collection

Portrait of Jang Eung-seon [Portrait Of The Old Mr. Jang] Oil No. 10 P 53.0x41.0cm 2004 Private collection

[Cho, yeungKyu Self Portrait ],Oil, 90.0× 65.2cm 2003 Private collection

 Yellow shawl, Oil on canvas, 90.0x65.2cm 2002 Private collection

[Portrait of Mr. Lee,],Oil,45.5x53cm 2003 Private collection

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