Artist's Note 

 (1st solo exhibition, Seoul, KEPCO Plaza Gallery invitational exhibition)

     A beautiful face with unique personality and character

A person's face has a unique personality and character that cannot be replaced by anything else, combined with the path of life.

We face our own face several times a day and think about it for a while. In doing so, we dream of an ideal version of ourselves. This can be said to be human nature. Therefore, a good portrait should basically have likeness to the subject, but more than anything, it should reflect the person's identity and life journey. Unlike other painting genres, this is the difficulty that only portraits have.

Frank Benson (1862-1951), a representative American portrait artist in the 19th and 20th centuries, and Lilla Cabot Perry (1848-1933), a female painter, mainly painted portraits of family members and left behind excellent works. This exhibition mainly depicts portraits of family members and acquaintances who have been treated with affection for a long time, and there are also portraits and landscape paintings of several famous people at home and abroad.

The reason I ventured into a new field called oil painting about 10 years ago was because I had the opportunity to stay in a place where I could feel the beauty of nature at every moment. Since my residence was located close to the coast, I was always able to see majestic sunrises, crashing waves, and sometimes angry storms. So, many of my early works contain scenes of the sea. At the time, I felt the local life was dreary, but as I gradually discovered the beauty of painting, I am now grateful for it.

Also, I started taking portraits when I discovered the hidden beauty in people's faces. Especially when we meet people who have accumulated years of experience, all the hardships of life seem to be written on their faces, and even their difficult lives are sublimated into a beautiful and mysterious history that can be seen from the eyes. I felt like I could see it spreading across the entire face. In the context that only one work of art exists in the world, if the human face is also a work of art, I wanted to empathize with it by expressing it in a picture.

While working as a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA), the largest organization in the world, the artist was introduced to portraits using classical techniques. This technique was also used by the Dutch Rembrandt (1606-1669), Rubens (1577-1640), and Velazquez (1599-1660) of Spain, a traditional technique used by famous portraitists to reproduce the truly subtle colors of the human face. , Using the glazing technique of lightly repeatedly applying opaque paint several times, or using Damar Resin to mix the dry film with paint and apply it several times, blending the color into multiple layers, even if it takes time and effort. ) is a method used to create portraits of works with depth.


A landscape that approaches with a faint longing...

In general, when painters deal with nature, they filter what they see and feel in their minds as overlapping shapes with their own unique colors, lines, and planes, and then express them in their works. When painting landscapes, the artist used glazing and blending techniques as in portraits, and wanted to reproduce the colors of nature at that moment as much as possible in the expression of color.

The expression method of the 19th and 20th century American Impressionist painters, which began at about the same time as European Impressionism: In other words, it was a combination of Impressionism on the basis of Realism, and had the appeal of a unique painting style that was different from that of Europe. I feel it. In other words, many American painters such as Guy Rose, Edgar Alwin Payne, Willard Metcalf, and Theodore Robinson focused on the expression of realism, but went directly to Europe and studied with artists such as Claude Monet. They met and worked together near Giverny. In other words, they were painters who combined each other in their own way by directly interacting and experiencing the Impressionism of their native Europe, and their works are becoming more valuable as time goes by.

In particular, Edgar Payne (E.A. Payne 1882-1947), a famous American impressionist painter, wrote in his book "Composition of Outdoor Painting" that when facing nature and painting, the artist expresses realism as it is influence and the artist's artistic originality, the problem of which side to judge and express is faced. Originality is ultimately guided by the artist's imagination, but instead is guided by the artist's sublime It is clearly stated that it is actually a hindrance to arousing the awe of the truth of nature. To put it simply, this kind of originality can be called painterly quality. Although the artist's impression of nature may sometimes be different, shouldn't it be the true form of nature that cannot be hidden?

 From this perspective, I would like to continue to try to combine realism and impressionism, which are inherent to each other in landscape painting. In fact, just as we have a certain mystic feeling when we approach nature with a pure heart, if the subject of a painting is expressed excellently based on realism, we will even feel a sense of excitement overflowing with life. In addition, if the charm of Impressionism is added to the selection of materials, the atmosphere of the work, and the method of expression, I think the works will always be closer to us as <distant longing> in a word.


 Solo Exhibition

  (2012) 10th Solo Exhibition  [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition] of Domestic and Foreign Celebrities] (KEPCO Art Center Gallery Invitational Exhibition)

 (2010) 9th solo exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of Ahn Jung-geun, Korean Independence Exhibition - Portrait Exhibition of 42 Independence Activists (Pyeongchon Art Hall)

  (2010) 8th solo exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of An Jung-geun, Korean Independence Exhibition - Portrait Exhibition of 42 Independence Activists (Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall)

  (2009) 7th Solo Exhibition [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition] Avenuel Lotte Art Gallery Special Invitational Exhibition, Sogong-dong Main Branch Luxury Hall)

  (2008) 6th Solo Exhibition [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition] (Lotte Gallery Anyang Branch Special Invitational Exhibition)

  (2008) 5th Solo Exhibition  [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition]  (Gallery La Mer)

  (2006) 4th Solo Exhibition  [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition]  (KEPCO Plaza Gallery Invitational Exhibition)

  (2005) 3rd Solo Exhibition  [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition]  (KEPCO Plaza Gallery Invitational Exhibition)

  (2005) 2nd Solo Exhibition  [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition]  (Lotte Gallery Busan Main Branch Special Invitational Exhibition)

 (2004) 1st portrait solo exhibition  [Young-Gyu Cho's Portrait & Landscape Exhibition] (KEPCO Plaza Gallery invitation)  


(2012) Specially selected and received a prize from The 17th International DA-DUN Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City, Taiwan

(2011) Specially selected and received a prize from International Figure Painting Competition (New York, Manhattan, Salmagundi Gallery)

(2005) Specially selected and received a prize from the MPVA, Bohoon Art Competition (Seoul International Design Center)

(2008,2002,2000,1999) Specially selected and received a prize from the KFAA, Gwanark Art Competition(Anyang City,Culture &Art center)


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 Book Publishing

 (2016) 50 Korean Independence People

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(2016) Western artist Cho Young-gyu's art collection

-Yeungkyu Cho, Art Paintings and Art Books 

(2015) John Singer Sargent (American impressionist painter)

-John Singer Dargent (American Impressionism Master) 

(2016) Monet and the Giverny Group (Decorative Impressionist painters)

-Monet & Giverny Group (Decolatives Style Impressionists) 

(2015) The universe of the mind, mother (15c~20c, 100 master painters) 

-Universe of Mind, Mother (15c-20c, 100 Master Artists) 

(2015) The universe of thought, reading (15c~20c, 100 master painters) 

-Universe of Thought, Reading (15c-20c, 100 Master Artists) 

(2015) The Ten, American Impressionist Master Painters (Compound) 

-The Ten - 11 Masters Of American Impressionism 

(2014) The Ten, American Impressionist Painters (Volume 2) 

-The Ten - 11 Masters Of American Impressionism (Vol.2) 

(2014) The Ten, American Impressionist Painters (Volume 1) 

-The Ten - 11 Masters Of American Impressionism (Vol.1) 

(2014) Masterpieces of American Impressionism - Flowers and Still Life Color 240 

-Masterpieces Of American Impressionism - Flower & Still Life Painting, Color 350 

(2014) American Impressionist masterpieces - portraits, nudes Color 340 

-Masterpieces Of American Impressionism - Portrait & Nude Painting, Color 350 

(2014) Masterpieces of American Impressionism - Portrait Painting Color 350 

-Masterpieces Of American Impressionism - Figure Painting, Color 350 

(2014) American Impressionist masterpiece - seascape painting Color 270 

-Masterpieces Of American Impressionism - Seacape, Color 270 

(2014) Masterpieces of American Impressionism - Landscape Painting Color 500 

-Masterpieces Of American Impressionism - Landscape, Color 500 

(2014) Monet and Guy Rose (American Impressionist painter) 

-Monet & Guy Rose (American Impressionism Master) 

(2016) Monet and 114 Givernees (combined volume) 

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